About us

Joined in businessThe aim of OPD is to be the best at what we do. So, with this in mind it has always been company policy to show honesty, reliability and diligence in all its dealings. In aiming for the highest possible standards, OPD has earned an impeccable reputation with its clients and gaining a healthy respect from its competitors.

OPD prides itself in excellent communication. It is the company’s belief that its clients should not only be involved in the early processes of negotiation but also fully informed during all phases of any given development. This includes items such as design, development consent, construction, etc. This open communication is mutually beneficial, providing OPD with valuable feedback, whilst creating investor/client confidence in all projects undertaken.

property-developmentIn your dealings with OPD, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional company. OPD has all that is necessary resources to conduct any requirement at any stage of a project. Associates of OPD include; surveyors, architects, engineers, legal advisors, builders, etc., all of which are professional and exceptionally proficient in their respective roles.

Each project &/or development site is meticulously researched and assessed for its viability and profitability, which involves liaising with several independent parties OPD has at its disposal. All transactions are overseen and controlled by the years of experience of the company directors.